Never use a gas tank again! All natural gas in Chaohu township by the end of 2020
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Construction of another large-scale drainage pumping station in Chaohu is underway
According to the news released by Chaohu, a project will be built to protect one side of Anlan and become a landscape. This is the unique charm of water conservancy construction! Recently, the reporter learned from the housing construction department of Chaohu that the nest ... [ full text ]
Eight companies from Chaohu make a wonderful appearance at the Hefei Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference
According to Chaohu WeChat news December 6-9, the 2019 Hefei Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference sponsored by the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Agriculture Commission, the Provincial Department of Education, and the People's Government of Hefei City was held in Anhui ... [ full text ]
Persevering in hunting at night The legal police brigade of Chaohu Court assisted in the execution of justice
On November 27, the judicial police brigade of the Chaohu Court, after several setbacks, finally captured "Lao Lai" Wang. In fact, as early as November 21, Wang once contacted Tang Mingda, the bailiff brigade ... [ full text ]
Chaohu Xierchi Park Trestle Bridge First Overhaul in 14 Years
On the afternoon of November 29, the reporter learned from the city garden office that after 14 years of wind and rain invasion of the Xierchi Park Trestle Bridge, which was built in 2005, the wood parts of the bridge have experienced different corrosion, and the city garden ... [ full text ]
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Internet Queen's report: China's mobile Internet users reach 820 million, short video contributes a lot
News on June 12, this morning, Mary Mickel, known as the "Internet Queen", released the 2019 Internet Trend Report. The report shows that the Internet demographic dividend continues to decline, 2 ... [ full text ]
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